Intellectual property

Our worldwide resources along with our active and regular presence in seminars on IP issues allow us to provide rapid comprehensive and cost effective consultation in this area.
Our patent law practice includes, documentation, licensing, client counseling on patent strategy for product development and its protection covering the biotechnology, chemical, electronic and mechanical field.
The copyright, trademark and patents practice includes registration, licensing, client consulting and litigation issues.
Al-Suwaiket & Al-Busaies has variance experience in protection such IP aspects from any inside or outside infringement further more our firm actively engages in advising clients protecting their interests in their achievements.

The Required Documents to Register Trademark in Trademarks Office at the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Industry as follow:
  • List of the product/services required to register trademark for it. (the Class).
  • 10 (ten images of the trademark).
  • Power of Attorney for our firm.
  • Company CR.

- Concerning to the power of attorney and the company Commercial Registration (CR) it should be notarized and authenticated from the Saudi Embassy and ministry of foreign affairs
- Our Professional Fees shall be USD 3000 (three thousand US. dollar) inclusive official fees for one trademark in one class to be paid in advance

The required document to register patent in the Patent office of GCC countries as follow:
  1. A power of attorney notarized and authenticated form the Saudi embassy and ministry of foreign affairs.
  2. The patent text in English and Arabic, prepared strictly in the following order:
    • The abstract (not exceeding one page) shall be typed on a separate sheet with the title of the invention shown at the top-middle of the page. Title should be precise and not exceeding 10 words.
    • The specifications should contain the following data, which shall be described under a separate heading:
      1. Background of the invention.
      2. Summary Description of the invention.
      3. Summary Description of the drawings (if any).
      4. Full Description of the invention.
      5. Claims.
  3. Formal drawing (two sets – one set without numerical)
  4. General information required:
    1. Inventor(s) – name(s) and address(es).
    2. Details of home/foreign application.
Information Technology
We provide comprehensive legal services to technology-oriented companies ranging from large publicly held corporations to promising emerging businesses. We have carried the tradition of legal innovation into twenty-first century. Offering our technology clients pro active trusted counsel and cutting-edge legal solutions.